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People! That's the story of the Assemblies of God. Over 62 million people worship every week in Assemblies of God churches around the world.

Young and old, married and single, parents and children, people from all walks of life, of every color and many different languages-they have one thing in common, a desire to serve God and share His blessings with still other people.

The Assemblies of God is people who believe in the God of the Bible, and believe He is moving in today's world.

Currently the Assemblies of God churches of Luxembourg and Assemblies of God organizations around the world make up the world's largest Pentecostal denomination with some 35 million members and adherents. But numbers fail to tell the real story, and statistics can never meet human needs. People who need help in coming to know God, have problems in their home, or are troubled by any of a multitude of other things that keep people from being happy and fulfilled, need someone who cares.

And that's the message of our Fellowship. Because Jesus cares for people, the Assemblies of God is people who care about each other.

The Assemblies of God churches of Luxembourg are associated with the Assemblies of God USA and the Assemblies of God in Great Britain and Ireland. We are also in fellowship with the BFP in Germany and the Assemblies of God in France, Belgium and Portugal.

The Assemblies of God USA is a member of four national and international Christian organizations. These include the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), the Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches of North America (PCCNA), the Pentecostal World Conference (PWC), and the World Assemblies of God Fellowship (WAGF).

The Assemblies of God is not affiliated with either the World Council of Churches, or the National Council of Churches.

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About Us